At Step To Success, we endeavour to provide a safe, tolerant and disciplined environment that allows all pupils the opportunity to learn and develop the skills required for a new century.

Our experienced and dedicated team knows each and every student personally and therefore is able to cater for each  child’s learning needs. Within each classroom, ration is often 1 adult to 6 pupils. 


 As a school community we provide a learning program which fully develops individual’s Talent and interest so that they all reach their full potential. The development of the children at Step to Success Nursery and Primary School is not just about success in the classroom. We ensure development and furthering the mutual respect for all the children irrespective of ability race, gender, culture or religious differences


We provide full day care for children from 0 – 18 months in safe, secure and stimulating environment. We are open from 7:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays and during school holidays.. Our Crèche is designed to provide a warm, cosy  atmosphere for babies. It is suitably equipped with a variety of age appropriate toys designed for sensory, stimulation, Discovery and play. We provide each baby with endless opportunities to explore and develop in a safe and comfortable environment. Our daily routine in the Crèche is personalized according to the individual needs of each child. 


The Preschool children are encouraged at all times to progress in their physical and mental development by ensuring their play and learning materials include sensory, physical, and musical stimulation. In addition the importance of fresh air and exercise to children’s general well-being is considered on a daily basis. We ensure that a friendly atmosphere of learning, warmth and care is transmitted to our parents by communicating each child’s progress to them regularly. Our program is child centred and based on the belief that play is the way for children to learn. The learning approach is individualized to meet the child’s needs and interests. Our Child stimulating classrooms are well equipped and carefully organized and enriched to enhance children’s learning, complimenting the wide range of play and creative activities within which they participate

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Every child at this stage is expected to be in school between 7:30 – 8:00am. As we start our day with early morning drilling which helps us prepare and ready for each day’s work,the children are engaged to develop their thinking skill. We adopt different approach to teaching to suit the children and we ensure effective learning takes place considering the different learning abilities; visual, audio-visual and kin-aesthetic learner. 


 Our school implements the Nigerian curriculum and British curriculum alongside Maria Montessori method of teaching. The school curriculum provides young learners with a solid educational learning Foundation through careful planning instruction or goals and objectives. Step to Success Nursery and Primary School curriculum is well blended and relevant to Nigerians environment or culture and we have ensured continuity and flow through the year levels. All the educators at Step to Success Nursery and Primary School concentrate on not only what the children will learn but also on how they learn. The curriculum entails an integrated approach which emphasizes activity learning process and will encourage corporate learning problem solving and decision-making on the part of the children. 

Communication, Language and Literacy: including language for communication, language for thinking, sound letters, reading, writing and handwriting. 

NEWSLETTER All parents will receive a termly newsletter with information about the activities lined up for the term


Teachers interact with parents on daily basis or as it is required concerning each child’s performance. 



 We run a lot of stimulating co-curricular activities which have been proven to help promote social skills. Some of these activities are as followsBook Reading, Chess, Etiquette, French, Ballet, Music, Diction, Sport, Safety Measures. 


WEEKLY ASSESSMENT: At the end of every academic week, pupils in Step to Success Nursery and Primary School are evaluated generally on what they have learnt that week. 


HOME-WORK : Home-works are continuation and follow up of works done in school. We expect homework taken to be properly done and returned to school on due date as communicated in diary. 


REPORT FORMAT Comprehensive reports are received by all parents during the half term and end of term. 

AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM : We offer excellent care to pupils pending the time their Guardians come to pick them