our facilities

Our Audio Visual room is stocked with up  to date equipments. Our pupils have access to the most modernized audio visual gadgets to learn with.

We have a stand-by generator to ensure that we do not entertain any power failure at any given time.

At Step to success Nursery | Primary School, pupils are provided with beautiful and amazing playground.


We provide a very comfortable and conducive learning environment. Everything that we consider suitable to help our pupils learn with ease is a priority.


We have more than enough montessori materials. We are interested in helping pupils of different assimilating capacity to learn.

Our staff [Teaching and non-teaching] are well experienced. They know how to effectively attend to pupils. So you dont need to worry when your kids are with us.


Information Technology

We are living in the world of information technology and this is why we make sure that we pay a great attention to this aspect of learning in our school. We are equipped with modern ICT equipments.


Our library is well stocked with every necessary resource for both our pupils and teachers. Knowledge gives power and we make sure that this knowledge is at our pupil's disposal


Bus Services

Bus service is also available with experienced drivers to convey our pupils to and fro the school.